Saturday, March 5, 2011

Learning to let go

Other than a few pencil marks that I added after snapping a photo, I think this one is done. 

With the hunt for a house on the brain there are also lessons to be learned.  Letting go of expectations. Expectations of how fast this process should take has been a hard one.  I really wanted to pull up to the fast food  line, order my house, and walk away with keys and new possibilities.  Instead, there has been a lot of waiting, not knowing what is going on, disappointment, hoping, more waiting, more disappointment, prayer, tears and then realizing that I can't control this process and I need to let go and let God prepare the way in His will and His way.  And that is on a daily basis.  So many emotions flying around learning to wait and learning to let go and learning to enjoy life in the waiting not just enduring life. I love the song by Audrey Assad, "Everything is Yours".
When all the world is blossoming

When everything around is bursting into life

And I don't have to strain to hear the beat of Your heart

Oh, Oh
When all the world is under fire

and the skies are threatening to thunder and rain

And I am overcome by fears that I can't see

Oh, Oh
If everything is Yours

Everything is Yours

If everything is Yours

I'm letting it go

No it was never mine to hold

No, never mine

Maybe it will eventually sink in and I won't have to remind myself to let go so often.  The blessings in all of it are the friends who rally around and pray and share the load and dream with me and the constant hand of the Lord  that holds mine and tells me He is there. What a journey this is and will be.

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