Thursday, November 11, 2010

New color palette

I bought some canvases on sale the other day and now I see them sitting in my studio and have to paint on them.  It is like they just sit there challenging me.  I am enjoying this new color palette.  That is one thing Jesse Reno said in the class I took from him, paint in the colors you love.  Well, Red, teal and yellow make me smile so I am going to go with it. 

I just upgraded to Photoshop Elements 9.  I had version 6 and said I would never upgrade because I use the organizer and the last time I upgraded, all the tags on my photos did not transfer.  All that work was just gone.  I wanted to cry.  This time they fixed that problem and all my tags showed up.  I didn't know for sure until I actually installed it.  With a big gulp I took the plunge and when I saw them sitting in my organizer I took a big sigh of relief.  So if any of you were wondering, you can upgrade now.

I am going to be taking a painting class from Flora Bowley this weekend.  I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.  It is a full two day class so hopefully I will come back on Monday with something to share.  We will be painting on two 30 X 30 inch canvases.  That is a little bit intimidating because the largest I have painted on is 24 X 24 inches.  Only 6 more inches so I should be OK.  Have a great weekend and I will be back next week with an update.

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Bevie said...

First of all I love your new color palette too..Love the thought of taking a two day class, wish there were some around here in VA. Have a great time working on bigger canvas...I just got some small canvas in the mail today, and of course I can't wait to get them gessoed and start!! Have a great time this weekend hon...Blessings.