Monday, September 27, 2010

What a week

There hasn't been much creating in the past week. My niece is moving to the East coast and I have been helping her fit her belongings into three tiny pods. We were both in shock when we saw the pods delivered because they were so small. We stood there thinking, how in the world were we going to fit a four story house into those, well basically, closets? I can say, without any embarrassment, that we are geniuses. We stepped up our organization skills to fit every box and piece of furniture into those pods. It was like putting together a puzzle. I don't think one inch was not successfully used. It was hard work but we did it!!!!

I told my niece that if this was an episode of Survivor we would have won it. Totally amazing. I only hope that we can say that when all her stuff makes it to the East coast and is in one piece.

After days (seems like months) of packing and loading and rearranging and exhaustion, she is leaving with her husband and dog. It still seems kinda unreal. Tomorrow, we will take them to the airport and they will be gone, miles and miles away. I only am glad for Skype, Facebook and my husband who is sending me out there in December. The upcoming trip helps to soften the blow.


Connie Lou said...

Women are genius when it comes to packing, I disrespect to men, but I'm just saying...I know your pain, my son is leaving for Korea in a week (army). How blessed we are to have people that mean so much to us! Take care and thank you for sharing!

Karla Dornacher said...

After packing our entire house, studio, shop and barn into two storage units... I feel your exhaustion and can relate to your victory! And I'm so glad you get to go visit your niece in December. Hope to see you soon. Hugs.

michelle allen said...

wow! i can't believe she's going!
i love the new look of your blog! you've been a busy gal. :)