Sunday, May 16, 2010

More April Art

I have been at the beach for a few days. My lovely niece, who I went to Paris with last year, is moving to the East Coast and I wanted to spend some time with her before she leaves. This is me in the morning before the coffee has had a chance to wake me up. We stopped for a bagel and coffee before walking to two art stores we had heard about. I worked on some journal pages while I was there but don't have any pictures yet. I'll share those later.

I recently took the Gut Art class from Mystele. I decided to use all recycled materials for the art journal I would do the projects in. This was the cover of that journal made from painted chipboard. I would recommend this class because the exercises really help you to discover your artistic preferences and start creating out of your own voice instead of copying others art. It was a turning point for me. I look at everything as art now and what draws me to it and how to incorporate that into my art. It is just a start but I see a difference in my approach already.

We worked on pulled art projects mostly. I am always amazed that there is art just waiting to be discovered in the backgrounds I create. This one reminds me of Avatar.

This piece was created from watching a music video of Tete. It looks nothing like him but was painted from a quick sketch while watching the video. The idea is to just go with quick impressions.
This was another pulled art piece that went with a verse I have been thinking about lately. I like the movement in this piece.

Sometimes when you see an image appear, it doesn't cooperate and sit on the page the way you would like. This one ended up being sideways in the journal but that was OK with me since it was only in my journal. That particular days field trip had me seeing blue, orange and yellow. What ended up being kinda weird is that I saw blue and yellow in almost every thing. I had no idea I liked those colors together so much. When I talked to a friend of mine who had also taken the class, she said she didn't see those colors at all. I guess I always knew that two people looking at the same picture would see something different, I just didn't think it would be so dramatic. I'm still processing that whole idea.


Mary said...

Beach time, sounds great!

Mystele's class is really a good one - and isn't she just wonderful!!!

Red, Blue and yellow - one of my favorite color combination's. I tend to start off every page or painting with yellow.

Love the red in your hair!!!!

Karla said...

those are great Teri... Mystele's class sounds wonderful... hope to take it sometime myself... look forward to seeing you Thursday!

Creative Carmelina said...

embrace and relax....i like!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Mary said...

hey Teri, you've been mighty quiet, everything okay??