Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Graffiti Chic - Alisa Burke class

One of the fun things that I did in April was to take a class from Alisa Burke. She has published the book Canvas Remix and you can find her blog here. The class was a lot of fun and it really inspired me. I have been wanting to make some wearable art for some time now and this gave me the push I needed to get going. In class she taught us her techniques and we just played. It was a huge, crazy mess but really fun. Alisa was the sweetest person and I liked her teaching style. She also posted about the class on her site if you want to check it out. We not only got to learn painting techniques but we also got to play with stickyback canvas and cut/burn a couple of stamps out of fun foam. I would definitely take a class from her again. Her book has everything we learned too so I was able to go back and refresh my mind later.

Alisa Burke

I brought a yard of broadcloth to class and tore it up into 6 pieces to work on. This is just one of them. You can see the final pieces below. She recommends drill cloth or canvas but I just brought what I had at home.

This is a journal background page I created later in my studio.

Another journal page.

I cut up one of the pieces of fabric that I painted in class and made it into a cuff. I love how it turned out so much, I wear it all the time.

I loved Alisa's clutch purse so much, I just had to make one for myself.

I think that I will add a handle to mine though.

I wish I could show you the inside because it is as pretty as the outside.

I had a hard time deciding which side would be on the outside.

After the cuff and clutch I got the idea to paint enough fabric to make a skirt out of. I am almost done with the skirt and will post pictures when I'm totally finished. It is turning out fabulous! I thought my husband would really think I had lost my mind but he really likes it. This path I am following of creating messy art is so exhilarating for me. I can't seem to get enough of it.

My next project was to create my 2010 journal cover.

I now have four months of signatures sewn in.

There were only three when I took the picture.

Journal spine

As you can see, there are more holes for the other months

Journal front

The ribbon is wired french silk.

All this yumminess makes we want to go throw some more paint around. It was pretty funny, the day I painted the large piece of fabric the electrician came to hang my chandelier. I forgot he was coming and I had my whole floor covered and paint was flying everywhere. I may have to move to the garage if I get any messier. My new floor already has little black paint drips. I guess there was no way to avoid that.

I forgot to say that my new favorite tool is the Tulip Paint Cannon.

It turns regular acrylic paint into spray paint without all the toxic fumes.

Happy Creating!


Mary said...

Yay!!! the class sounds great!
You created some wonderful things from it!!

I really like the paint cannon too!

michelle allen said...

VERY COOL!!! i can totally see you in a graffiti skirt! :) when are you planning on sharing some of your new skilz?

Healing Expressions said...

I can't wait for show and tell Teri! What a blast of new inspiration! So fun!