Monday, March 8, 2010

Unplugged mostly

Postings have been sparse in the last couple of weeks. Do you ever feel like you just need to be quiet and you really don't have anything to say anyway? Well, that is how I have been feeling and it has led to staying home, dealing with sick family, cooking and laying low.

We have been doing some construction that has our house in quite a mess. We painted the livingroom, put in new carpet and moved furniture around. It is coming together so nicely and now our kitchen is getting a good coat of paint and new ceiling. It will be so nice when it is all done. Right now we can't even use the kitchen. Thankfully it will only take a few days to finish. In the meantime I am enjoying a few days at the beach. I don't do so well living in chaos. I'm hoping it is all done by the time I get home. I am crossing my fingers.

I should have some journal pages done by the time I get home and I will share some pictures. Mostly, I am having fun reading, watching the waves and cooking yummy healthy food that no one else in my family would think of eating and enjoying every bite. Which I am going to get back to right now.


Mary said...

I know it's not fun in the chaos and construction and re-doing phase, but oh how you will love it when it is finished.

Mary said...

I have to say, after typing that and re-reading it - it is how I am feeling internally at the moment!
The thing is, we are never truly finished till we are home are we??!!

Tara said...

Chaos is never fun to me either. I have been under the weather alot lately. Have had to miss several days of work recently. Hope all your remodeling comes together soon.

Poetic Artist said...

Chaos sometimes leads us to inspiration. Also sometimes it is best to be quite and just listen.
Take care

Teri Leigh said...

Thanks everyone it is sure a journey. I think you have it right on Mary. Tara I hope you get to feeling better soon. The yuckies are certainly going around.

Healing Expressions said...

I hope the sounds, sights and inhaling that ocean air helped calm the soul Teri! Look forward to seeing you next week at the CAFE!