Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hello again

I thought I would pop in today and take a look at my blog.  It has been so long since I have posted that it almost feels foreign for me to be here.  It seems connected to another life I was living with art and creativity pouring out almost everyday.  Now my life is filled with working in an office, cleaning, cooking, watching grandchildren and resting from being tired from all those things. It is a mystery to me how I got here and how to mesh the old with the new.  I am taking Susannah Conway's Unraveling e-course to maybe figure it all out.       So much to think and ponder about right now.  One thing I do know is that I need to get my art studio back in shape.  It got destroyed in the move and has never recovered.  Maybe that can be my first assignment in getting back to the creative way of life.  We shall see, I will pop back in here next month and give an update.  Hopefully, I will have something to report.


Healing Expressions said...

Was thinking of you and there you popped in! Maybe we can catch up soon my friend.

Teri Leigh said...

Sounds good. Let's get a date on the calendar.